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Meet The Maker – Papercutz – Unique Paper Crafts

Hi Wendy. Thanks for chatting with us! Tell us a little bit about your creative business Papercutz?

I hand make and sell products made out of Washable Paper. Washable Paper is a very unique alternative paper based fabric which is made from the cellulose fibres of plants. This makes it biodegradable and recyclable, so very eco-friendly along with being vegan friendly. But given that it was first invented to be the brown tag on the back of your jeans it is also a very durable and sustainable product. As no chemicals are used to manufacture the fabric plus being dyed with vegetable dyes it is also food safe. So it ticks a lot of boxes and is a fantastic alternative to synthetic fibres. But best of all its qualities it is literally machine washable.

Why and how did you get started?

I got started after finding Washable Paper in Berlin. I was on a trip seeing Europe and visiting my daughter who lived there at the time. We stopped into some local markets and I saw a stall holder who had Washable Paper items being sold. It attracts a lot of attention, and not knowing what it was, I stopped to ask questions and was do taken by it’s qualities and what it had to offer I decided to find a distributor and start making products out of it myself. Washable Paper is only made in a paper mill in Germany so it took me some time to fine a distributor but finally did. I thought Australian needed this extraordinary eco-friendly alternative fabric that is also very sustainable.

What is your favourite thing to create?

New products! I enjoy making all of my products but when I bring something new into the range then that’s exciting.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I follow a lot of European makers on social media and get my inspiration from what they make.

How did you learn your craft?

I’ve always been a sewer so I had that skill already. Other than that it was just learning to work with a fabric that was very different to what I before. That was mostly worked out by trial and error!

Is this your side project or is it your full time gig?

Sort of both. I’m semi-retired so do this as my full time gig while it’s also something that keeps me busy.

Tell us about your work space?

My work space isn’t the least bit glamorous. My products are handmade (by me!) in Brisbane on my well loved 35 year old Janome sewing machine. My sewing room is in my home in what was once a walk-in-robe. The lounge room floor is the cutting room, a drying rack is where I hang all of the washable paper pieces to dry, ready to sew. It's a labour of love creating my range from home but very satisfying. Although the creating process isn't glamorous the results speak for themselves: stylish, practical and long lasting, eco-friendly products

What do you love about being part of The Makers & Finders Community?

There is a number of reasons that I drive from Brisbane to be a part of the Makers and Finders Market. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting. The community is a good fit for my product. And there is plenty of variety to draw the crowds.

Find Wendy and her creative business Papercutz online

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