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COVID-19 Makers & Finders Safety Plan


These terms and conditions are provided to ensure that Makers & Finders stallholders comply

with our Covid-19 Safety Plan and all NSW Health Departments requirements. It is a

condition of entry that stallholders, and anyone accompanying / assisting you in stalls,

complies with these regulations.



  • Remain at home if suffering any respiratory or flu like symptoms.

  • Limit client interactions at the stall through the use of adjusted layout to reduce overcrowding and congestion within the stall.

  • Front counter only is recommended to keep a safe distance from you and your customer.

  • Stallholders to carry sanitiser at all times and to make available to customers for either handling of product or where a transaction (money or goods has taken place).

  • Display signage that customers can easily see to ensure customers practice social distancing by placing informational signage either floor or wall markings or signs to identify 1.5 metres distance requirements. These may be made yourself or downloaded from

  • Ensure that the following is not available on your stall:

  • Help-yourself product samples (i.e. hand moisturiser, scented oils, soy melts);

  • Help-yourself skin product (such as scented oils, skin-care) testing;

  • Refills for oils or skin/hair-care products.

  • Limit the number of people (customers and staff) allowed in your business area, ensuring everyone is 1.5m apart (unless they are family members who can be together). This business area includes: 

  • The front of the stall (in effect the walkway directly in front of their stall) where customers can stand to examine the business and products (the stallholder is responsible to manage the 1.5m rule in this area)

  • Their stall/marquee area (standard size 3x3m)

  • Behind their stall, if this is usable space (eg standing/sitting area, storage, change room, product display)

  • Wherever patrons have to queue, especially in food areas, there must be ground markers to indicate queuing distances at 1.5m apart. Stallholders are responsible for monitoring this practice. Stallholders are to provide a safe zone for customers waiting on orders, where possible. 

  • The below stallholders must complete a Covid-19 Safety Plan (, keep a list of customers and their contact, and keep a copy of the plan in their stall: Beauticians, Therapists, Massage, Tattoo (henna), Hairdresser

  • Consider using side-walls or product placement to distance staff and customers from the stalls next door (1.5m rule).

  • Clean frequently touched areas and surfaces with detergent or disinfectant (including shared equipment and tools, EFTPOS equipment, tables, counter tops and sinks. Surfaces touched by customers, such as tables, must also be cleaned regularly).

  • Minimise the use of cash and use cashless payments were possible.

  • If practicable set up separate exit and entry points and separate order and collection points to minimise contact between persons for queues and waiting areas.

  • Consider using physical barriers where practical, such as plexiglass around counters involving high volume interactions with customers.

  • Reduce the sharing of equipment and tools.


Food/Beverage Stalls

  • If you are selling anything that is edible - includes tea, coffee, juices, smoothies, icecream, produce, preserves/jams, cakes/biscuits, confectionery, eggs, nuts, fermented

  • products – you are required to:

  • Complete a Covid-19 Safety Plan (, and keep a copy in your stall. Thisapplies even if you are only selling produce, eggs, nuts, honey, preserves, fermented products.

  • Complete on-line training for ‘Covid-19 Awareness for Food Service’: https://

  • You are required to email your Certificate of Acknowledgement for this training to us prior to a site being booked and confirmed

  • Stalls must not provide refills into customer’s jars or bottles, or have available:

  • Help yourself product samples or taste-testing;

  • Help yourself condiments/milks/sweeteners (stallholder may provide on request);

  • Help yourself cutlery, sachets, stirring spoons, napkins (may be provided by you on request)

  • Set up different areas for ordering and collection, and where practical, separate entry and exit paths.


  • At least 3x hand sanitiser dispensers placed on easy to see and use stands.

  • Monitor, clean and refill, sanitiser stations

  • Provide hand sanitiser, gloves and PPE to all staff

  • Management will supply hand sanitiser stations within the markets.

  • Improved surveillance and monitoring of public assets (ie toilets park benches and water stations

  • Environmental cleaning. Clean frequently touched areas and surfaces at least hourly with detergent or disinfectant (including shared equipment and tools, EFTPOS equipment, tables, counter tops and sinks. Park surfaces touched by customers, such as park tables chairs and taps, must also be cleaned regularly.

  • Place signage at entry point to instructing customers not to enter the Markets if they are unwell or have COVID19 symptoms.

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